Word by Heart

Upcoming Dates: 10 Jul 2017 - 29 Sep 2017

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Location: YWAM Bethlehem


“Word By Heart” is a 6 month school with two phases. The 12 week training phase will consist of students memorizing one of the four gospels by heart. This will culminate in a 90-minute (max) presentation at the end of this portion of the school. The final week of classes will have the students ‘performing’ the abridged version of one of the gospels in front of a live audience.

This school applies specific techniques for memorizing the Bible that will not only be fun and rewarding for the student, but also easy and more than possible! Although the training phase will be taught in English, the gospel will be memorized in the student’s native tongue. This is in order that the Word of God would be shared in all languages!

After the 12 week training and memorizing phase, the students will embark on a 3 month outreach phase where they will have an opportunity to be sent out into the nations. They will be able to present the gospel they memorized in various platforms – smaller settings such as living rooms to bigger venues such as theater stages. God’s word is alive and active, powerful and moving to those who hear it. We know that lives will change and hearts will burn at the hearing of the gospel in this fresh and profound way.