Wild Heart (Adventure) DTS

Upcoming Dates: 15 Jan 2018 - 1 Jun 2018

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Location: Marine Reach Training

Focus: A desire to follow God with wild abandonment, and love a good adventure.

This is a DTS for those who have a desire to follow God with WILD ABANDONMENT, and love a good ADVENTURE.

Daniel 11:32b “But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

There was a group of men in the Bible. They were a bold, courageous, fiercely loyal and committed group – David’s Mighty Men. From all sorts of backgrounds, they came together and were unified in a singular purpose — performing great exploits.

We, like them, also want something to be PASSIONATE about, we want a place to BELONG, and we want a cause to which we can COMMIT. That’s what the Wild Heart DTS is about: God’s Mighty Men AND Women who are passionate for Him with hearts ablaze like a wild fire, who enjoy adventure, and who desire to spread this fire!


IS IT POSSIBLE to grow so close to God, that your heart begins to beat with His? We think so! The first 3 months is about you and God. It’s a time to know God more INTIMATELY; growing CLOSER to Him, STRONGER in Him, and becoming more like Him. You will learn more about some of the heroes of faith – people like David, Moses, Abraham. They were some of the closest people to God, who actually knew His heart. During the Wild Heart stream time you will learn how they CULTIVATED this type of relationship, and how you can too through in-depth character studies.

But you WONT just be sitting in the classroom studying…
When was the last time you were suspended 60 feet off the ground zip lining through a forest, rafted over a 21-foot waterfall, or hiked up some ancient volcanoes? Visit our school’s page tab to find out some of the adventures / exploits you will undertake during your first 3 months.


The adventure and exploits don’t stop there! Following lecture phase is 2 months of outreach, to go a step further…perhaps to a forgotten village off the beaten path; to places beyond your comfort zone; daring enough to go the long haul and put a Bible in every home on a remote Pacific Island. It’s your opportunity to reach others and perform great exploits.

Right now in history God wants to AWAKEN young hearts; the kind of hearts that ALIGN themselves with His and burn so bright that it causes others to be awakened too. So whether your flame is burning strong, or flickering out…COME and let God ignite YOUR passion and give you a heart that’s WILD for Him!

“There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.”
-C.S. Lewis