School of Sonship

Upcoming Dates: 31 Jul 2017 - 25 Aug 2017

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Location: YWAM Oxford


What is the School of Sonship?

The school of sonship is a new 4 week school that has come out of the journey we have been on at YWAM Oxford. The journey of learning who our Heavenly Father is and then from this revelation living as his beloved sons and daughters. The Father is revealing to the church his love and rest and we are finding contentment to be who we truly are. He is calling us home, out of our own works and into his rest. We want to share this revelation with others and invite you to join us on a 4 week journey into the Father’s Love and into our sonship.

What does the school look like?

We have times of teaching and discussion every morning from 9am to 1pm during the week. We also like the participants to be able to process and be part of discussions and this often happens in our ‘family time’ that we have each morning.

The afternoons are relatively free although each person is given a small daily job. We also like every person to pursue ‘hobby time’ in the afternoon. Many people involved in Christian ministry lose the things that gives them life and head towards burnout and dissatisfaction. So we encourage people to start a hobby again and pursue that during the afternoons. This is actually part of the course. Please bring any equipment/supplies you’ll need to authentically participate in this time.

Usually we have 2 short evening sessions a week and try and keep the other evenings for rest and hanging out with people. Weekends are free and are yours to enjoy. We may organise some optional weekend activities to beautiful places in Canterbury and these come at an additional cost but are usually very affordable.

Some of the teaching is by our staff here and some from invited guest speakers. We also have a an emphasis on creative arts and we seek to include this somewhere in the school. Last school we had a life coaching session for each participant and finished with an outdoor adventure time with God. We hope to continue this in the future.


The cost of the school is $1550 NZD which includes all food and accommodation, speakers costs, a 1 hour life coaching session and an overnight outdoor adventure. There is a camping and campervan option for the January school. Camping is $1050 NZD and campervan $1150 NZD.


● What is the weather like in NZ and what clothes will I need?
During the Jan/Feb school it will be summer and the weather should be warm. Bring swimming costume and towel for a possible swim in the river or ocean. However, it is necessary to have some warm layers even in summer as the weather can at times get cold. During the August school you will need layers of warm clothes as it is winter and Oxford is close to the mountains and at over 300m altitude it does get cold and can even snow. Most houses and rooms aren’t heated centrally and so even inside it pays to wear layers at times. Our main dining teaching room has underground heating which produces a consistent, beautiful heat.

● What might accommodation look like?
For younger participants there is usually shared accommodation in bunk style rooms. Married couples would have their own room but probably in a shared house. We always consider older participants and try and put them in their own room or sharing with one another.