Medical Compassion DTS PLUS

Upcoming Dates: 22 Oct 2018 - 20 Sep 2019

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Location: Marine Reach Training

Focus: DTS + IPHC


MAXIMIZE your DTS experience by signing up for our Medical Compassion DTS PLUS, which includes our Medical Compassion DTS PLUS our Medical-Based Second Level School, the Introduction to Primary Health Care (IPHC). If you are looking to be equipped for a lifetime of Medical Missions, OR if you want to see whether Medical Missions are right for you, then this is definitely the program for you. This (almost) year-long program will change your life by giving you the opportunity to encounter the Living God, while becoming equipped to follow His call on your life into Medical Missions. So what are you waiting for? Join the Medical Compassion DTS PLUS!


Beginning in Tauranga, New Zealand, you will do a Medical Compassion DTS alongside others from around the world. The first 12 weeks are transformational; getting to KNOW GOD more as your learn about a different topic each week. Topics include nature and character of God, hearing God’s voice, identity and calling, relationships, the Father heart of God, PLUS much more!

Your DTS will have a Medical & Compassion focus, learning basic primary healthcare skills in medical missions. After the regular DTS classroom time in the morning, a special “stream” is run once a week in the afternoon, teaching a special course giving you “Basic Skills for Medical Missions”. The goals of this stream are to enable students to have a broad awareness of current medical needs in developing countries, and to equip them with general medical skills, so they can participate in various clinics PLUS demonstrate compassion with medical knowledge and practice.

The next 8 weeks are Outreach Phase; you will have the opportunity to reach out to the needy in a developing nation of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. There may be opportunities to assist people medically through DENTAL, OPTICAL, PRIMARY HEALTH CARE and TRAUMA CARE, but most often our teams find themselves reaching out in ways that mean just as much, like cleaning up after a NATURAL DISASTER, or helping out with FEEDING THE POOR and sharing the LOVE of Jesus with the destitute.


The 6 weeks between the completion of your DTS and the beginning of the IPHC is your opportunity to join the ministry of YWAM Marine Reach by serving alongside our staff in an area of ministry around the Base.

You will participate in base worship and intercession times and other aspects of community life, while engaging in meaningful work, gaining valuable experience and skills, PLUS strengthening relationships already established.


The final phase is the Introduction to Primary Health Care School, consisting of two parts. The focus is primary preventative and curative health care.

The initial 12 weeks is lecture phase where you will be trained in various primary healthcare skills. Subjects include biblical basis for health care, anatomy and physiology, food and nutrition, dental care, water and sanitation, mother and child health, malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, skin diseases and community resources. Instructors are from a variety of different healthcare backgrounds including doctors, physician assistants, nurses and long-term missionaries.

After the lecture phase, you will head to Vanuatu (3 hour flight north of Auckland) for 9 weeks outreach where you will put your new skills into practice. Marine Reach has pioneered long term community health care facilities in Vanuatu and you will have the opportunity to participate in the significant work being done there, PLUS also potentially run mobile primary health care clinics in surrounding villages, and on outer Islands of Vanuatu.

The Family Care Centre, which opened in early 2016, aims to serve the poor of Vanuatu with basic medical, pre and postnatal care for mothers and infants, and provide care and support for women and children suffering from domestic abuse. The Regional Training Medical Centre will be used to provide training seminars and housing for the native people of Vanuatu who are looking for mentoring and training, in leadership development, in the health-care and education sectors.

After 9 weeks of outreach you will return back to Tauranga for debrief and the graduation ceremony. This will be the completion of your Medical Compassion PLUS program, however you may wish to explore staffing with YWAM Marine Reach either in Tauranga or Vanuatu, putting all you have learned to further practice.

COME be trained, equipped, and empowered for medical missions in less than a year!
Forty-eight weeks to FORMULATE and then DEMONSTRATE God’s heart of compassion and healing to the nations!