Backpackers DTS

Upcoming Dates: 17 Sep 2017 - 2 Mar 2018

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Location: YWAM Oxford

Focus: Grab your backpack and see the country

In putting together this particular DTS, we have had to take into consideration two points of view regarding backpacking: Europeans would portray a backpacker as one who prefers budget travel and accommodation, flexible travel agendas, and the opportunity to meet other travellers in a relaxed and informal setting. On the other hand, North American culture would describe a backpacker as a person who loves to camp and hike in the great outdoors. They enjoy the wilderness, use vehicles and campers for transport, and build their own fires to prepare meals. For the Backpackers DTS, YWAM Oxford has combined the two. We give opportunities for those hard-core backpackers who thrive on multiple-day tramps and sleep in huts or tents. Whereas, others choose to stay in backpacker hostel dorm-style living with communal kitchen facilities. Both of these scenarios are ideal for meeting fellow travellers. Meaningful conversations can occur on the top of a mountain, on a trail, or while preparing dinner for your team over a campfire or in a hostel kitchen. Over 350,000 people from all over the world backpack across New Zealand each Summer. This presents a wonderful opportunity for friendship evangelism. If this sounds like your passion, the Backpacker DTS is for you!