YWAM New Zealand

Website: www.ywamzion.org.nz

Phone: 0064 9 431 7311

Location: PaparoaNew Zealand

The Focus of YWAM Zion

YWAM Zion is a vibrant multicultural base that seeks to be constantly filled with the presence of the Lord through our worship, intercession and everyday life. We are placed strategically in the Northland area of New Zealand and carry a vision to see revival spreading throughout this nation and the rest of the world. Both staff and students are being raised up as spiritual warriors with a passion to reach this generation, and fulfill the great commission. Come and be a part of this adventure.

Description of YWAM Zion

The Discipleship Training School seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It gives you an opportunity to discover your passions, spiritual gifts, and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who love Jesus, love adventure, love the lost, and desire something more…

Lecture phase: Is twelve weeks of intensive training and equipping for ministry. You’ll receive a greater understanding of the Bible, yourself, and the Lord through multiple speakers sharing various topics including: Hearing Gods voice, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, Relationships, and more. Alongside this, we also include weekly Worship and Intercession, Individual mentoring, community outreach, 24hr non-stop worship weekends, and daily ministry opportunities. Once a week we invite the wider community to participate in our Evening fellowship, this gives the students a chance to share what they have been learning, and worship alongside local believers. Each stream gives you an opportunity to pursue your passion for Surfing, Music, Evangelism, and the Outdoors, while getting to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery New Zealand has to offer. A refreshing break from the Lecture room.
Outreach phase: Is an opportunity to put into practice what has been learned through the lecture phase. This is done through teams praying and seeking the Lord for direction, and heading out to the nations. It is a chance to be fully immersed in a culture different from your own, and partner with local missionaries on the field, to help them achieve their vision. Faith, Obedience and Trust are essential for this phase, as you are guided by the Holy Spirit, working in teams and faced with new and exciting challenges.

Streams: each weekend consists of our individual streams (Outdoor Pursuits, Music and Worship, Evangelism, and Surfers) going out to participate in their individual fields of interest providing a weekend of fun and excitement wherever your interests lie.

UpComing Events

Outdoor Pursuits DTS

Focus A DTS with weekend adventurous... more

Starts 20 Jan 2018

Finishes 14 Jul 2018

Music & Worship DTS – Zion

Focus A DTS with weekend music... more

Starts 20 Jan 2018

Finishes 14 Jul 2018

Surfers DTS

Focus A DTS with weekend... more

Starts 20 Jan 2018

Finishes 14 Jul 2018

Evangelism DTS

Focus ... more

Starts 20 Jan 2018

Finishes 14 Jul 2018