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Phone: +64 (09) 275 0291

Location: Auckland-North Island; Oxford-South IslandNew Zealand

The Focus of Kings Kids New Zealand

King’s Kids is an international youth movement involving young people from 140 nations. It is the children’s and teenager’s expression of Youth With A Mission. Since its beginning in 1976, King’s Kids has affected the lives of countless thousands of young people with its message of hope, God’s love and new life through Jesus Christ.


To lead children, youth and families worldwide to know God in a proven way, bring Him joy and together make Him known to all people.

Description of Kings Kids New Zealand


Phase One – Mobilize: Camps and outreaches mobilize Christian young people, giving them opportunities to share their faith with others and to participate in extending the Kingdom of God.

Phase Two – Disciple: Year round discipleship programs help young people and families to strengthen their relationship with God and live in a way that brings joy to His heart.

Phase Three – Reach: A variety of clubs, youth activity centers and street side church programs share the love of God with children and teens who have little or no contact with a Christian witness.

Phase Four – Care: KK mercy ministries around the world are involved in practically serving the needs of young people such as street kids, orphans, children with Aids, child soldiers and teen prostitutes.

UpComing Events

English for Missions School (ESOL)

Focus A missions focused school to... more

Starts 5 Jun 2017

Finishes 26 Aug 2017