Activate DTS

Upcoming Dates: 2 Oct 2017 - 17 Feb 2018

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Location: YWAM Bethlehem

Focus: Gather and train people who believe that God is their greatest pursuit and that national revival in New Zealand (unto global revival) is burning on God's heart.

God is writing a story. The story of mankind. It is the story of God making a way for man to have relationship with Him again after we missed the mark. We have seen a glimpse of this story and his redemptive plan through Jesus’ first coming. But there is more to this story. Jesus is returning. He is coming for us. We must get ready. We believe, alongside other Christians in the international body of Christ, that God is pouring out His Spirit like never before. That an unprecedented worldwide revival is beginning to break out and that over the coming years millions will come into the Kingdom of God and that New Zealand is to play a crucial role. We believe that this nation, found in the ‘uttermost part of the earth’, which welcomes in the new day, is a place where God has chosen to awaken a nation.